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Collection of 10 best sandwich recipes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, that will entice your tastebuds like nothing else. Some of these sandwiches are my own creation and hence very unique, and you won’t find anything like them on the internet. The rest are the already popular ones which have been around since ever and I have given my own little twist to these classics.

Every element of these sandwich recipes is equally important; the bread, kind of spread, patty or the main ingredient, cheese, and butter. The method of assembling a sandwich and the way you toast it determine the degree of desirability it’s taste and texture. Here on you will get to see some unique homemade sandwich spreads that would make you go wow! Some of my personal favorites are the spring onion-yogurt spread and the tandoori yogurt dip.

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Most of this sandwiches can be served with mint chutney or ketchup. Some of these are veg sandwich recipes, others are egg sandwich recipes. The rest are chicken sandwich recipes. You will find several sandwich recipes for kids here. You can make these sandwich recipes for brunch, breakfast, snack, or as a meal. You can pack these for your kids’ lunchbox as well because they keep on tasting good even after several hours.

So let’s take at this yummilicious compilation of the 10 best sandwich recipes with step by step pictures.

sandwich recipes collection – indian, continental, & fusion

1. Veg Sandwich Recipe

A very distinct of all sandwich recipes that I have ever made, the Veg Sandwich packs delicious deep-fried vegetable patties, drizzled with some tangy tamarind sauce and creamy cheese sauce. The fresh tomatoes and lettuce give it a fresh vibe. I can say it is a very fancy sandwich and the combination of fillings and tamarind chutney is very very rare. This is one of my own creations and something you won’t find anywhere else. Isn’t that a reason enough to get your aprons on and get cooking? I bet, it is!

Sandwich ideas for kids

2. Aloo Masala Sandwich Recipe | Potato Sandwich Recipe

Are you in a hurry and can’t cook a full meal today? Sandwiches are such life-savers on busy days. The aloo masala sandwich will not only fill your tummies but also leave your tastebuds wanting for more. Lightly spiced mashed potato are paired with fresh cucumber, mayo, and cheese, then toasted until golden. It’s a kid-friendly sandwich too.

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3. Spinach & Corn Tikki Sandwich

If you are in a mood to cook something fancy, fusion food is a delightful choice. This fusion sandwich recipe definitely needs some work in the kitchen but it is all worth it. You can make it simpler by making the schezwan sauce and spinach & corn patties ahead of time. Make the green chutney when you want to assemble the sandwiches. Fried spinach and corn tikkis, melty cheese, and hot schezwan sauce; this toasted sandwich is the ultimate treat for fusion food lovers.

indian sandwich recipes veg

4. Veg Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe

The veg mayo sandwich is a great way to enjoy vegetables in a simple and tasty manner. The veg mayonnaise sandwich is made with a medley of fresh vegetables tossed with seasoning and mayonnaise. The sandwich is then toasted gently until it is golden and slightly crispy; the most easy sandwich recipe indeed.

veg sandwich recipes indian

5. Aloo Tikki Sandwich Recipe

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like potatoes. This humble root vegetable gets a makeover when you boil it, mash it, and make patties with it. It is like the glorious moment when the princess kisses the frog and it turns into the prince. Pack this hot and crispy potato patty between toasted, buttery bread slices along with tandoori spread and a big spoonful of freshly made coleslaw, and you have yourself the most delicious tasting aloo tikki sandwich ever!

simple veg sandwich recipes

6. Spinach Toast Recipe

Want to eat spinach but don’t know how to make it taste good? Well, this spinach toast is just the thing for you. An open-face sandwich loaded with creamy spinach and cheesy and baked until melty. The cosmopolitan taste will appeal to people who have a different liking when it comes to food, making the spinach toast a perfect finger food for parties or as a snack when guests come over.

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7. Egg Sandwich with Mayo

Who doesn’t like eggs? Boiled eggs are so comforting and warm. Scramble them up and season them with mustard and paprika, add a dash of mayo and you have the most interesting stuffing for a sandwich. The egg sandwich with mayo is a healthy and hearty sandwich filled with creamy egg salad and lettuce for the crunch. It’s easy to make and kids just love it!

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8. Paneer Sandwich Recipe

The Paneer Sandwich recipe is a favorite among the vegetarian foodies. If you are looking for a fancy, delicious veg sandwich recipes to make for occasions like picnics or kitty parties, this one has to be it. It is a kid friendly sandwich recipe as well. The paneer sandwich has a piquant spring onion-yogurt spread and paneer sauteed with colorful bell peppers; just what would appeal to the kids. Now you know how to incorporate more protein in your kids’ diet.

easy sandwich recipes

9. Paneer Bhurji Sandwich

The paneer bhurji sandwich is the most amazing vegetarian sandwich recipe on here. The paneer bhurji gravy is prepared with onions, tomato puree, and cashew paste. It is then stuffed between a fresh footlong bread. The cheese sauce and onions take the taste up a notch. You can also make the paneer bhurji sanwich using dinner rolls/pav or multigrain bread.

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10. Chicken Sandwich with Mayo

The chicken salad has succulent pieces of chicken tossed with creamy mayonnaise, walnuts, juicy grapes, and sweet peppers. I can bet you would have never tasted a chicken salad so heavenly. The idea of combining chicken and grapes might leave some of you bewildered. I have been there too. But it sounded too exciting to not try it. So I did and here is the recipe of the most amazing chicken salad stuffed between toasted brown bread.

quick and easy sandwich recipes for kids

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