MonicaHi, and welcome to Flavouroma. My name is Monica and I am really glad that you are here. I cook, write, and take pictures of the delicious recipes that you see on here. A banker by profession and a cook by passion, I developed a keen interest in cooking during my early teens. Since then, my passion for cooking has only blossomed. I believe in cooking healthy family recipes from scratch using the freshest local produce. Avoiding processed ingredients as far as possible and incorporating the seasonal ones is what I constantly strive for, which is why everything tastes so good and at the same time nourishes the body.

I love to spend time around the table with my loved ones and good food. It gets even better when the meals are not only scrumptious but also easy to prepare. The simple recipes on Flavouroma would save you a lot of time and efforts. You could do what you love the most; spending time with your family and friends instead of getting stuck in the kitchen for hours. And with a hope to help the novice cooks out there, I prefer to share detailed recipes with step by step pictures. A YouTube channel has been recently started to make the art of cooking furthermore appealing to my readers. Besides that, what sets Flavouroma apart is the idea of lending a twist to the run-of-the-mill recipes. If you look closely, every recipes has something new to offer in terms of taste, texture, technique, and even utensils/equipment used to make it. You would also find some traditional recipes that have been given a modern makeover. Then there are some recipes that are entirely my creation. So come along and let’s explore our way around the kitchen together and whip up some wholesome dishes for those you love.